It's Quilted!

Welcome to It's Quilted!

 My name is Diann Hammond and have been a quilter for many years.
I'm a certified quilting instructor and embroidery digitizer.
Together with my daughter and partner, Holly Hough, we can help you with any and all your quilting needs.

At It's Quilted!, we help you hold on to those memories by creating custom quilts.
We offer a variety of options for you to choose from:

--T-Shirt Quilts--
--Special Event Quilts--
--Memory Quilts--
--Traditional Quilts--

These custom-made quality quilts make wonderful gifts for birthdays, graduation, Christmas, or any special occasion. They can reflect a persons' hobby, concerts attended, sports, or just to wrap yourself in wonderful memories. So gather up those t-shirts that are just sitting in your drawers or bags, etc. and let's make a quilt!!
Life is Good!

Please email us for more information.